What is Hyflex anyway?

Check out Toward the Hybrid Future, the Minerva Project’s new white paper.  It discusses how to create expanded learning options for our non-traditional adult learners by combining synchronous, asynchronous, in-person, hybrid, flipped, and hyflex learning models. This report provides great definitions for all of the various combinations and includes findings that show student preferences and tolerance for face-to-face sessions within their online classes.
Minerva discusses some of the factors that produced the way online learning was put together and how many classes lack quality pedagogy.
  • 100% online classes provide flexibility: however, they often include little or no social learning opportunities, which may explain their low completion rates.
  • During the pandemic, traditional classes were often moved to online formats and taught the same as in-person classes without remote pedagogies considered.
This report explores the optimal cases for when to use online learning, in-person learning, hybrid, and Hyflex. The full document has a great chart with scenarios for each modality. It is definitely worth a look. Additionally, this research offers recommendations for optimizing hybrid classes:
  •  Aligning around the purpose of hybrid
  •  Developing hybrid leadership and expertise
  •  Using tech as a means, not an end
  •  Measuring the impact with data
It is important to look at “how students learn best rather than simply adding new options.”
To read the full report, click here

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