Drivers of Persistence

Students vote with their feet. As adult educators know, enrolling students is only half the battle. It’s also necessary to retain the students that come to you. These study results from the New England Persistence Project provide valuable insight into persistence strategies that had a quantitative and qualitative impact on student persistence.
In short, they found that there are a few basic drivers of persistence, including:

  • Sense of belonging and community
  • Clarity of purpose (learning to achieve specific ends)
  • Agency (Capacity to make things happen through actions)
  • Competence (Building competence in key areas of lives)
  • Relevance (Connected to students’ lives)
  • Stability

To review classroom and school-wide practices that address these areas, you can read the full findings at This research shows that sometimes small moves and practices in the classroom can have a large impact on student persistence. Some teachers are already using a few of these strategies. Visit the website and pick up a new move today.

3 thoughts on “Drivers of Persistence

  1. Lengthy, but detailed tool in the article that can be used by school and/or adult ed organizations to assess areas of strength and areas in need of growth to address learner persistence. Will be introducing this tool to departmental teams.

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