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Adult Education Book Geek Picks and Research Shorts

Adult Education Book Geek Picks

Great new books and research are being written all the time. Check out some recommended reading! Categories include: Leadership, College & Career Readiness, Classroom Engagement & Learning, and Tech Stuff & Remote Teaching.  


Soul  Author: Dr. Timothy Kanold

Adult Education Research Shorts: A blog series dedicated to sharing digestible education nuggets and their application to our adult education setting

Do you get excited about new research, but don’t have the time to scour the internet or read lengthy studies? Drop by our new blog where we bring some relevant research and interesting findings to you as Research Shorts. What are those small moves and adjustments we can make that make all the difference for our students or schools? Let’s take a look at some educational studies, see how we might try on some of these Research Shorts and apply them to our programs. We can keep what fits and return the rest.