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Adult Education Curriculum and Classroom Support

Early Outreach to Engage New Students

Mira Costa College and Poway Adult School teachers and staff share strategies for using simple welcome videos and early outreach to engage new students even before the first week of school. Watch their Lunch with LARAEC session to learn about some of their strategies and free software programs. 

Link to Video

ESL Course Outlines

The LARAEC ESL Subject-Matter Experts worked together to create course outlines for each ESL level. 

Watch overview videos and access the course outlines by using the links below. 

ESL Course Outline Revisions

Online Teacher Toolkit

Introductory Training Session


Online Teaching - PD

Over the last two years, LARAEC has cultivated many helpful sessions on remote learning strategies offered by some of our own faculty. Here are some of the Lunch with LARAEC sessions related to remote learning. Each are an hour but you can listen at 1.5 speed.  

Real Skills for Online Teaching 

Tools to Increase Interaction

Engaging Students on Zoom


What's New??

Bring the Power of Reflection to Your Classes with Journal Writing

Journaling is not just for ESL or teacher-directed classes. Reflection activities are great for any subject area and perfect for educators as well. Some of our best consortium innovations have come spending time reflecting on pressing problems and sharing with educator teams. One of our Entrepreneurship and Finance teachers says journaling is a great way for students to tap into who they are, reflect on life and learning, and think about some of the topics related to class. Add journal writing to your class once a week or more! 

Here are some great resources to get you started

Blog post: The Incredible ESL Tool You’ll Wish You’d Started Using Earlier

Blog Post: 12 Benefits of Reflective Teaching and Learning

Website: More Journal topics

Empowering Students with Accessibility Tools

Photo of hands holding the word accessible

Learn some strategies and how to use online tools to make instruction more accessible to students.  Strategies include: Text-to-speech, closed captioning, reducing distractions, dyslexic fonts, reducing eye strain, staying organized, and more.  

Find article here

Collaborative Writing

If you find yourself hesitating to incorporate writing into your everyday classroom activities, then check out this ESL Collaborative Writing Spotlight one of our favorite presenters, Kristi Reyes from Mira Costa College.  Her session and handout offer  a plethora of collaborative writing activities to boost your and your students’ confidence in writing.

Spotlight Video Session

Awesome Handout

Emotional Intelligence

Missed Lunch with LARAEC with Dr. Laura Manyweather on Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Activities to Enhance Adult Learning, but want some ideas to implement EQ in your classroom? Then check out this ten-minute implementation primer from Dr. Laura herself.


10 Great Ways for Grouping Your Class

Tired of counting off or having students share with the same people? Try out some of these grouping strategies. My new favorite from the list is the clock. You have students walk around and make appointments on the clock handout. Then whenever you need to break into pairs, you call out a time.
Find these directions and 9 other grouping techniques on this great resource. 

Stuff I Wish I Knew

As part of Lunch with LARAEC, the Stuff I Wish I Knew series focuses on free online tools and apps that can streamline your work in your classroom or office. Samantha Ross shares not only how to use the apps but looks specifically how they can be utilized in our adult education setting.  

Oct 27 – Email Templates, clutter, snooze, and polls.

Dec  1 – Google Voice and Calendly

Jan 12 – Flippity, Answer Garden, and Classroom Screen

Handouts for all of these sessions can be found on the Lunch with LARAEC page 

eLearning and Adult Learners

Over the last several years, remote learning has become a part of our adult instructional landscape. As we examine our current and future course offerings, how can we make the best use of these new platforms, create curriculum that blends new technologies with adult learning theory, and expand our notions of what teaching and learning look like. 

eLearning Design: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

9 Tips for Applying Adult Learning Theory to eLearning

Practical tips for building LMS courses for adults

17 Tips to Motivate Adult Learners

The Power of Feedback and Maximizing Engagement

CALPRO trainer and LAUSD ESL Specialist presented two important topics at Lunch with LARAEC, The Power of Feedback and Maximizing Engagement in Your Classroom

Feedback Session Video

Maximizing Engagement

Free Online Tools for Teachers

There are so many online tools for teachers that are free, easy to use, and help with making engaging content.  

Canva Pro for Educators – make videos, flyers, websites, and newsletters. Drop in educational content. Easy to learn.  Visit the website or check out this intro video

Mural – This lets you create interactive whiteboards. The free account allows you 5 boards at a time. Go to mural

Mini Whiteboards!!

Mini Whiteboards are a must for any classroom. Why? 

  • You can know where your students are at a glance
  • You can adjust the lesson on the fly
  • Creates a low-risk environment
  • No paper waste
  • Students Enjoy it

Here are some websites of activities you can check out

25 Way to use Mini Whiteboards

Using Whiteboards in the Classroom

Mini Boards Video

Making DIY Whiteboards