Beyond Flyers and Bus Ads: Content Creation as a New Model for Marketing

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This week’s research short is a must read for anyone interested in increasing enrollment. Caylor Solutions created an ebook titled 25 Ideas for Great Admissions Content. Although this article is aimed at colleges and universities, there is so much to be gained for any organization. The strategies outlined move our thinking away from billboards, traditional advertisements, and direct marketing, toward creating discoverable content, building relationships, and providing potential students with soft landings on our school websites and campuses.
This article covers 25 ideas for creating content that connects with people personally, compels them to share with others, or inspires action. Two of these ideas might be great places to start….
Discoverable Blog Posts and Articles: A great marketing strategy is to think of items that potential students might search for and then create an article of interest that provides both value and points to our programs.
Examples might include:
  • ESL- What is the value of taking an ESL class versus choosing an English app? How can I accelerate my language skills throughout my day? What should I look for in a quality ESL program?
  • HSD/HSE – Strategies for being successful with online high school programs. How can I best prepare to take the HiSET or GED?
  • CTE- What do I look for in a great ____program? What is the difference between CNA, LVN, and RN? What are some alternatives to college that lead to a good career?
Process and Step-by-Step Checklists: We love checklists. Think of areas that potential students may have trouble navigating or seeing the big picture. What would they search for on the internet? Create a simple printable checklist or handout that provides an easy path. You can make this checklist discoverable in searches and bring people to your website to download the tool. It provides a service and a touchpoint.
Examples might include:
  •   Things to do before, during, and after an interview
  •   College prep checklist or registration process
  •   How to get your cosmetologists license in California?
  •   What are the steps in becoming a US citizen?
The full article has sooo many great ideas for creating interesting and actionable content. Learn about how to leverage testimonials, videos, podcasts, and more. Learn strategies that are being used by major universities and organizations.
To read the full article click here

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