Consensus and Situational Leadership

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For this week, we found an interesting article that explores some of the pros and cons of consensus models and introduces Victor Vroom’s Situational Leadership Model. This article was part of a larger journal series called Management Matters by Laura Freebairn-Smith, creator of the Organizational Development and Learning Center at Yale. This article has us […]

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Adult Learning and Trauma

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     LARAEC faculty and staff surveys indicate an on-going need for strategies and information about supporting students facing challenging circumstances.  We found an instructive article that the Council for Adult and Experiential learning (CAEL) published about how Trauma Impacts Adult Learners.  This article contends that many of our students (and perhaps faculty and staff) have […]

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Post COVID: What’s Next for Teaching

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In their article, The Changes We Need, Education Post COVID-19, Yong Zhao and Jim Watterston discuss the unprecedented impact the pandemic has had on both educators and students. Almost overnight, schools reinvented themselves as providers of remote instruction. Zhao and Watterston argue that the innovative strategies and changes implemented in the days and weeks following […]

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Beyond Flyers and Bus Ads: Content Creation as a New Model for Marketing

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This week’s research short is a must read for anyone interested in increasing enrollment. Caylor Solutions created an ebook titled 25 Ideas for Great Admissions Content. Although this article is aimed at colleges and universities, there is so much to be gained for any organization. The strategies outlined move our thinking away from billboards, traditional […]

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Re-Engaging Students Who Have Stopped Out

Recruiting and Retaining Adult Learners journal published an article about re-engaging students who have stopped out. This article follows the launch a campaign to identify stopped out students in their database that met specific progress criteria. They identified a large pool of students that were close to completing a selected program but had stopped attending. […]

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Marketing on a Budget

In the spring of 2022, LARAEC surveyed over 6000 member-district students. 25% of them indicated that they learned about their class or program through the school website or social media. This means that about one out of every four students that walks into your classroom, counseling office, or registration office is probably there as a […]

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Do You Have 9.6 Minutes to Give to Yourself?

Entrepreneur Magazine published a great little article on how micro-habits can create macro-change. Transforming ourselves or our organizations is often hard and we may get lots of push back. This article talks about the power of starting small. One practice is to take 9.6 minutes out of your day and dedicate that time to a […]

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How Can Intrusive Advising Help Adult Education?

In a survey of over 6,000 LARAEC students (spring 2022), 16% of our students reported that they met with a school counselor that year to discuss their goals and 14% said that they had received an education plan.  A 2018 National Report from the Center for Community College Student Engagement, outlines the importance and value […]

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