Re-Engaging Students Who Have Stopped Out

Recruiting and Retaining Adult Learners journal published an article about re-engaging students who have stopped out. This article follows the launch a campaign to identify stopped out students in their database that met specific progress criteria. They identified a large pool of students that were close to completing a selected program but had stopped attending. […]

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Do You Have 9.6 Minutes to Give to Yourself?

Entrepreneur Magazine published a great little article on how micro-habits can create macro-change. Transforming ourselves or our organizations is often hard and we may get lots of push back. This article talks about the power of starting small. One practice is to take 9.6 minutes out of your day and dedicate that time to a […]

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What Happens When AI meets Adult Ed?

ChatGPT is a form of artificial intelligence that can assist in teaching English to adult immigrants living in the United States by generating responses to prompts that simulate real life conversational situations. It can be used to generate idiomatic expressions, responses to common questions or complete dialogues. It can also be used to generate quizzes […]

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How Can Intrusive Advising Help Adult Education?

In a survey of over 6,000 LARAEC students (spring 2022), 16% of our students reported that they met with a school counselor that year to discuss their goals and 14% said that they had received an education plan.  A 2018 National Report from the Center for Community College Student Engagement, outlines the importance and value […]

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How is Your Adult Education Class Going?

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Texas, conducted focus group study of community college student persistence, Listen to Me. This study provided the first-hand experience of first-time community college students in the hopes of understanding why roughly 40% of college students drop out in the first year. Although this study focuses […]

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What is Hyflex anyway?

Check out Toward the Hybrid Future, the Minerva Project’s new white paper.  It discusses how to create expanded learning options for our non-traditional adult learners by combining synchronous, asynchronous, in-person, hybrid, flipped, and hyflex learning models. This report provides great definitions for all of the various combinations and includes findings that show student preferences and tolerance […]

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New Funding Model for Adult Ed?

The California Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO), in their report Redesigning California’s Adult Education Funding Model (2022), outlines the drawbacks of the current model and makes recommendations for moving forward (see chart below). This report is a must read for anyone working in adult schools. It will be interesting to see how these recommendations impact future […]

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Show Us the Jobs!

California Competes, in their article, Barriers & Opportunities for Building Higher Education-Employer Partnerships (2022), found that educational leaders, policymakers and employers are increasingly recognizing the need to improve higher education-workforce alignment. After examining the results of interviews they conducted with stakeholders representing the higher education-workforce continuum, they determined that: The challenges to meaningful engagement include […]

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