Do You Have 9.6 Minutes to Give to Yourself?

Entrepreneur Magazine published a great little article on how micro-habits can create macro-change. Transforming ourselves or our organizations is often hard and we may get lots of push back. This article talks about the power of starting small. One practice is to take 9.6 minutes out of your day and dedicate that time to a small practice or series of small practices (morning check-in, 5 push ups, walk around the building, share quick wins, microbreaks). Start with one and build on others. The author talks about the benefits of anchoring these practices to things you already do as triggers. Look at things you already do each day and anchor a new task to that…like as you wait for your coffee, do stretches, before you look at your emails list your top 3 tasks of the day on a post-it note. Eventually these small moves will have you producing bigger change.
Why 9.6 minutes? Read the full article to find out! Click here

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