The Los Angeles Regional Adult Education CONSORTIUM (LARAEC)

The Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium (LARAEC) was developed in response to California Assembly Bill 86 in 2013. LARAEC’s purpose is to close the gaps between student needs and services available, integrate existing programs and create seamless transitions to post secondary or the workforce, employ proven approaches to accelerate student’s progress toward academic and career goals, provide professional development to support better program integration and student success, and leverage existing regional structures.

Around the state, 72 adult education consortia consisting of community college districts, school districts and county offices of education are working collaboratively to expand and improve adult education in their regions and build pathways to achieve economic self-sufficiency. The work of each consortium is focused on serving students in 7 identified areas of adult education: English as a Second Language, Career Technical Education, Adult Basic and secondary Education, Adults with Disabilities, Workforce Preparation, and Pre-Apprenticeships. 

The LARAEC Office

Lanzi Asturias

LARAEC Consortium Director

Justin Gorence

LARAEC Advisor

Dr. Michele Stiehl

LARAEC Advisor

Teresa Plaza

LARAEC Secretary

Kitty Phan

Financial Analyst

The LARAEC Member-Districts

LARAEC Executive Board Members

Juan Noguera

Director of Adult Education

Burbank USD

Veronica Montes

Director of School and Family Support Services

Culver City USD

Dr. Katrina Vanderwoude

Interim Vice Chancellor, Workforce and Adult Education



Executive Director, Division of Adult and Career Education


Dr. Angel Gallardo

Director of Adult Education and Student Services

Montebello USD

LARAEC Point Persons

Yanira Chavez

WIOA Coordinator


Lynda Farnsworth


Culver City USD

Dr. Adrienne Ann Mullen

Dean of Adult, Community, and Continuing Education 


Men Le

Specialist, LARAEC


Benedetta Kennedy



LARAEC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you want more information about how the consortium is put together, funding, and activities? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

LARAEC Guidance Documents and Resources

LARAEC Three Year Plans

Every three years, LARAEC participates in a strategic planning cycle and develops a comprehensive plan of action. Plan development includes many stakeholders including board members, action planning teams, teachers, administrators, counselors, staff and students form our member districts and partner organizations. Learn more about our objectives and planned initiatives by reading the Three Year Plan. 

Open Three Year Plan 2022-2025

LARAEC Annual Plans

Each year, LARAEC develops a more focused annual plan of current priorities and implementation strategies. The annual plan focuses on identifying current gaps in service for our students and activities to bridge these gaps. It also includes current activities for Action Planning Teams and consortium staff and point persons.


Open Annual Plan 2022-2023

LARAEC Past Plans and Public Reports

The California Adult Education Program (CAEP) website maintains a copy of all previous plans and reports for LARAEC and all consortia across the state. Follow the link below and select your consortium of interest.


Visit CAEP Archive

LARAEC Governance Research and Bylaws

Governance research by the Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium was initiated at the request of the Executive Board during the creation of the next iteration of LARAEC’s Three Year Regional Plan.  The goal of the research was to evaluate the current governance structure in the consortium; have a better understanding of the governance structures of other consortia; and consider recommendations for the expansion or restructuring of LARAEC.  The results of this research were presented to the board on November 2, 2018. This research led directly to the creation of LARAEC bylaws 

Open Governance Research

Open LARAEC Bylaws

LARAEC Funding Formula Research

At the September 21, 2018 LARAEC Special Meeting: Board Workshop, the development of a fair and equitable funding formula was identified as a priority area for SY 2018-19. It was determined that a special meeting would be held December 7, 2018 to begin discussions of changing current funding allocations for its member districts. LARAEC Executive board members requested that LARAEC staff provide a presentation on possible funding research and possible formulas as a starting point.    The subsequent presentation and research were based on information gathered as a part of governance research, interviews with consortia directors, and recommendations presented by state and legislative leaders. 

Funding Formula Research

Funding Formula Briefing (historical background) 

CAEP Technical Assistance Project (TAP) Resources

The CAEP TAP office website is designed for administrators, educators, and prospective and current students. All users can find an adult school or community college in their area, learn about adult education programs and student supports, access program guidance and updates from the CAEP Office.



Go to the CAEP TAP website

LARAEC Policies and Procedures Documents

The LARAEC Office conducted a training on the newly created LARAEC Member-District Monitoring Procedures on June 9, 2021. Included below are the documents and supplemental materials provided during the training.

LARAEC Monitoring Procedures

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 7

AB 104 Legislation

Presentation Zoom Recording

LARAEC conducted a second training on Member District Monitoring Procedures on Wednesday, April 26th, 2023. Included below are items associated with this training.

PowerPoint from 4/26/23 Training

Recorded Training 4/26/23