Integrating Digital Literacy Into English Language Instruction

Integrating Digital Literacy Into English Language Instruction
LINCS, a U.S. Department of education initiative to expand evidence-based practices in the field of adult education, released an issue brief with strategies for integrating digital literacy into ESL classes. This brief discusses the importance and of digital literacy in helping students function and meaningfully participate in our increasingly technology-driven culture. Areas of focus include:

  • Basic operation of devices
  • Using technology to communicate (Speaking, listening, and writing)
  • Discerning content (content, ads, navigation, vocabulary)
  • Evaluating Information (inform, persuade, demonstrate, mislead)
  • Locating information (search, scan, select, perspectives)
  • Problem-solving in technology rich environments
  • Administrative support

Click here to go to the full brief
Read the full brief to find activity suggestions for classroom teachers

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