LARAEC Three Year Planning (3YP)

Moving Forward and Engaging Stakeholders from Across the Region

Calendar Events

The main activities for the Three Year Plan (3YP) are listed below. Participation in these activities is organized through your district point person.

Jan 28 - Initial Planning Group Meeting
Feb 9 - 3YP Board Workshop - Public Meeting
Feb 16 - Facilitator Training #2
Feb 22 - Surveys Released (students, staff, & community)
Feb 25 - Focus Areas Meet #1
March 11 - Focus Areas Meet #2
March 18 - Focus Areas Meet #3
April 29-May 13- 3YP Draft Review
April 27 & May 18 - LARAEC Board - Public Meeting
June 1 - Special LARAEC Board Meeting & Approval

Stakeholder Input

LARAEC is committed to including stakeholder input throughout the 3YP creation. If you would like to participate in planning groups please contact your district point person. Survey and draft feedback are open to all stakeholders, as well as live participation at open LARAEC Board meetings. See links below for current draft of the plan and feedback form.

3YP Data Resources

The LARAEC Point Persons and Staff have collected consortium, district, and regional data to support the three year planning process. You will find a copy of the 3YP data binder below.

CAEP Planning Resources

The California Adult Education Program (CAEP) office provides templates and guidance on writing the required three year plan. Use the links below to access these materials.

LARAEC Previous Plans and Resources

LARAEC Three Year Plan 2019-2022

Every three years, LARAEC participates in a strategic planning cycle and develops a comprehensive plan of action. Plan development includes many stakeholders including board members, action planning teams, teachers, administrators, counselors, staff and students form our member districts and partner organizations. Learn more about our objectives and planned initiatives by reading the Three Year Plan.


LARAEC Annual Plan 2020-21 and 2021-2022

Each year, LARAEC develops a more focused annual plan of current priorities and implementation strategies. The annual plan focuses on identifying current gaps in service for our students and activities to bridge these gaps. It also includes current activities for Action Planning Teams and consortium staff and point persons.


LARAEC Past Plans and Public Reports

The California Adult Education Program (CAEP) website maintains a copy of all previous plans and reports for LARAEC and all consortia across the state. Follow the link below and select your consortium of interest.


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Providing Professional Learning To Improve Student Learning

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