LARAEC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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LARAEC is the Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium. It is made up of local adult education providers in the Los Angeles Region. It operates as part of the California Adult Education Program (CAEP). the goals for each consortia are to 1) collectively assess the educational and workforce needs of adult in the region 2) define strategies and activities to meet those needs, and 3) create a follow three-year and annual plans. 

The consortium is funded through the California Adult Education Program. Regional funding amounts are determined by the State of California through the California Department of Education (CDE) and The California Community Colleges Chancellors Office (CCCCO). Individual district allocations are determined by the LARAEC Executive Board through the annual Consortium Fiscal Administration Declaration (CFAD).  Allocations for all district can be found on the CAEP website 

Burbank Unified School District, Culver City Unified School District, Los Angeles Community College District, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Montebello Unified School District

 The consortium provides a structure to evaluate the needs of adults in the Los Angeles region, providing education and workforce services, engaging in activities that provide for seamless transitions to postsecondary and careers, and leveraging resources to best serve the communities of need. In addition to education and workforce services provided to students, the consortium hosts an array of meetings, staff development, collaborative teams, conferences, and resources designed to support staff and students.

As stipulated in education code (EC84913), CAEP covers 7 program areas. 

  1. Programs for Elementary and Basic Skills (Including High school diploma and equivalency)
  2. Programs for immigrants  (Citizenship, ESL, workforce preparation)
  3. Programs for adults that are primarily related to entry or reentry into the workforce
  4. Programs for adults that are designed to develop knowledge and skills to assist elementary and secondary school children to succeed academically. 
  5. Programs for adults with disabilities
  6. Programs in CTE that are short term and have high employment potential
  7. Program offering preapprenticeship training conducted with one or more approved apprenticeship programs

Each member-district can appoint a LARAEC Executive Board Member and Point Person

The Executive Board members provide direction to the consortium and collectively make up the decision-making body.

Point Persons operationalize the LARAEC plan at their respective local district sites and provide member-district perspective during consortium activities. 

Current LARAEC Executive Board Members and Point people are listed on the LARAEC website

LARAEC Executive Board Meetings are open to the public. To find out information on attending a meeting in-person or online go to

You can also subscribe to The LARAEC Insider newsletter to find out about upcoming events.


The consortium is governed by the LARAEC Executive Board. Each board member has one vote. A majority of board members present can pass an action item provided quorum is reached. In compliance with the Brown Act, Board actions occur at open, public, and noticed meetings. The Board follows the LARAEC bylaws. A copy of the bylaws can be found here

The LARAEC Project Director and staff coordinate and implement regional-level program development, ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and perform management duties. 

Current Project Director and Staff can be found on the LARAEC website here

Job descriptions for the Project Director and staff can be found in the LARAEC bylaws here

The LARAEC consortium office offers a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year.  Conferences, Lunch with LARAEC sessions, the LARAEC Insider eNewsletter, and PD can be found on the the LARAEC website

Conferences :

Staff Resources:

As part of carrying out 3-year and annual plans, LARAEC has Action Planning Teams.  These may vary from year to year based on the current plan. These groups provide expertise and participate in site-level coordination and activities to forward the implementation of the 3-year and annual plans.  They also network with other schools and districts to share best practices, expand opportunities for transitioning students, provide inter-district professional development consistent with LARAEC plans, identify community resources that support instruction, and strengthen inter-district collaboration. Current team information can be found here

The LARAEC website has a wealth of information about the local consortium and activities. 

For information about the California Adult Education Program you can visit the CAEP website at

In addition to education and workforce services and programs offered by member-districts, LARAEC also hosts activities and events directly for students. The LARAEC student resource pages will list any upcoming events. LARAEC hosts the annual LARAEC Edge conference designed to connect adult students with college and career options. Visit the LARAEC student resource pages for more information here 

For students: Registering for classes and programs is done at individual school sites. Check out the program finders to connect with a school site nearest you.

For staff: Visit the staff resources page to find individual event and follow registration directions

Keep up to date with everything LARAEC by subscribing to the LARAEC Insider eNewsletter. There is a link at the bottom of every page on the LARAEC website.  You can also go to