About Us

LARAEC Mission Statement

“The Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium will sustain, expand and improve adult education.”



DistrictFunctionName and Title
BUSDExecutive Team MemberJuan Noguera, Director of Adult Education
 Point-PersonYanira Chavez
CCUSDExecutive Team MemberVeronica Montes, Principal
  Point-PersonLynda Farnsworth, Principal
LACCDExecutive Team MemberDr. Katrina Vanderwoude, Vice Chancellor for Economic and Workforce Development
 Point PersonDr. Adrienne Ann Mullen, Dean of Adult Education
LAUSDExecutive Team MemberTBD, Executive Director
 Point-PersonMen Le, AEP Teacher Advisor
 AdvisorSofia Mayoral, AEP Teacher Advisor
MUSDExecutive TeamDr. Angel Gallardo, Administrator Montebello Adult Education
 Point-PersonBenedetta Kennedy, Principal
LARAECProject DirectorLanzi Asturias, Coordinator, LARAEC
 AdvisorDr. Michele Stiehl, LARAEC Teacher Advisor
 AdvisorJustin Gorence, LARAEC Teacher Advisor
 Office SupportTeresa Plaza, Secretary
 Fiscal SupportKitty Phan, Financial Analyst