LARAEC member districts provide a variety of English as a Second Language options to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English. Some member district schools offer classes that focus on conversation, composition, or contextualized workforce skills. Your current skill level and goals determine where you start on your pathway. Click the link below to find a school near you and begin your journey!



LARAEC member districts offer students the opportunity to work on skills to earn a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate. A diploma or certificate can open up employment and educational opportunities that would not be available otherwise. Our member districts offer options that include, in class, online and blended learning opportunities. Speak to a counselor to determine which option is best for you. Click below to find a class near you



Students gain hands-on training and technical skills that give them an employability advantage. LARAEC member districts offer a wide range of courses and pathways to build professional expertise. Professions include healthcare, construction, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, automotive, solar installation, information technology, graphic design, accounting, and cosmetology. Click here to find a class or explore your career options



Pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs offer students a pathway to employment. They allow students to build the skills they need to be successful in their chosen career while building practical workforce knowledge. Pre-apprenticeship prepares students for success in a registered apprenticeship program and helps them build the skills necessary for their chosen profession. Once accepted into an apprenticeship program, students gain valuable on-the-job skills while supplementing their knowledge with classroom work.


Students in special programs can face challenges accessing jobs or finding a place in higher education. Adult educators in LARAEC member districts offer courses for veterans, adults with disabilities and adults attempting to re-enter the workforce, and help them identify goals and pathways to higher education. Click here for more information.


LARAEC member districts offer free comprehensive citizenship programs that are designed to help students maneuver through the entire application process. Citizenship classes include instruction in US civics, history, and government. Instructors help students complete and submit their citizenship applications as well as prepare them to pass the official citizenship test.


Preparation for the citizenship interview is also included in the citizenship class. Practice is embedded throughout the course and especially after the applicant has submitted the citizenship application and is waiting for the citizenship interview. Teachers work with students on written dictation and answering questions for the oral interview. Our expert Citizenship teachers take pride in giving their students the best chance to make it through the process and pass the test! Find a class near you!

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